Racking and Shelving

Pallet Racking

It is uniquely designed for many options but most commonly found in industrial warehouses with products that are palletised in various sizes and dimensions. The racking configuration is adjustable and can be easily modified to suit your specific needs. Accessories are available to add to various racking configurations.

Please inquire about your specific needs and a full diagnosis can be done to determine the most suitable solution for your needs.

Narrow Aisle Racking

Narrow Aisle racking primary focus is to reduce aisle space by optimizing the available height. You can create a high-density storage system without the unnecessary high cost of moving your operations. Main advantages of narrow aisle racking is the fact that you can decrease the floor area of your storage space while improving the picking and picking rate. Narrow aisle racking also allows you to optimize your height thus increasing larger storage potential.

Light Duty Racking

Like pallet racking, light duty racking is made up with the use of end frames, beams and a chosen type of decking media of preference. It is ideally used in the storing of lighter, un-palletised products that are of a bulky nature. This system is also used in many other applications, for example picking lines, bulk storage of light duty retail products and used as work benches.

It proves to be a cost-effective solution for storing items of a larger nature. The racking system has easily adjustable packing levels and can be fitted with closed or open types of decking media.

Bolted Shelving

Bolted shelving, although the most basic and light duty type of storage, is found and used in a variety of situations across different types of industries.

Put together using bolted angles and shelves which are in turn bolted together to the required needs of the user.

The shelving allows the option of adding side and rear cladding to your bays of shelving whilst offering an evenly distributed weight loading capacity of 100 kg’s per shelf.
This Bolted Shelving systems can carry 100kg per shelf (UDL) and support a variety of accessories for various applications.

Ideally used in achieve storage where a multi floor system can be created if the space available permits. Bolted shelving is also found in small stores where small picking of small light duty items are found.

The shelving can also be fitted to be provided with different types of binning solutions.

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