Cantilever Racking, Structural Steel Floors & Other

Design and manufacture of structural mezzanine floors, cantilever racking systems, Staircases and landings & walkways.

Upon inquiring, I full detailed assessment will be carried out, mostly on site to determine the full needs of the customers.

Installations are carried out by our own team members to avoid any discrepancies.

Manufacturing is carried out in accordance to SEMA Design Standards SANS 10161 & 10162

Structural Mezzanine Floors

When floor space is restricted and height is available, a structural mezzanine floor (SMF) is an ideal option to increase your working pace within your premises. SMF’s are free standing and are independent from the building. It remains an asset of the buyer and can be taken out if you decide to leave or move premises. All design conforms to SANS 10161 and 10162 codes of practice and sound engineering practices.

We will evaluate your needs, consider your budget constraints and come up with a solution that fits your business requirements with a range of flooring Medias to consider depending on the application. All fabrication and finishing are done off-site and when we arrive to install, processes are followed to alleviate any downtime caused by the installation.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking, whether light, medium or heavy-duty, is a fantastic storage system that leaves the entire pick face open and unobstructed. It is ideal for storing lengths of timber or steel, aluminum or plastic extrusions, roof sheeting, rolls of paper, fabric, rubber or other material but is not limited as it can also accommodate irregular-sized pallets that normal conventional pallet racking cannot accommodate. Available in light, medium or heavy duty and according to your requirements and needs. Support arms can be supplied either fixed or adjustable. Design work is carried out according to the SEMA code of practice.

General Engineering Work

Please inquire about any ad-hoc work needed. We fabricate all your requirement pertaining to material handling solutions within your warehouse. From unique conveyor systems through to small platforms. Contact us for any of your requirements.

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